As authentic
as they come.

There’s no one thing that makes Hanlon truly different from our sea of competitors. So we’ve established three uniques as differentiators and value propositions to make us stand out in a very crowded marketplace. These uniques make us special to prospects and customers alike, and allows them to be confident in the decision to partner with us.

Strategic approach to results.

Our processes are built around four core frameworks: Brand Blueprint, Demand Generator, Digital Dashboard and Marketing Maturity Model. These work seamlessly together to assure that we’re never blindly guessing at when, how, or where marketing and branding assets should be deployed. When we position a brand, message its audience, measure the results, and manage the long term growth, it’s always done within a well established and proven framework.

Deep roots in branding, positioning, and storytelling.

Our rich, twenty one year history as advertising experts, creative consultants, and digital architects has served us well in today’s fluid marketing landscape. It allowed us to create a holistic methodology to discerning a brand’s most compelling and unique features and then nurturing positive, lasting and emotional associations to it. We search for novel ways to penetrate markets, constantly exploring new delivery methods, and challenging audiences to connect in fresh and unexpected ways.

Purpose driven creativity.

Creativity without calculation is as reckless as it is ineffective. Every execution is grounded in a strategic vision, but from there it’s imperative to grab the attention of our audience and refuse to be ignored. This is done through visual storytelling, compelling content, and a flare for the unexpected.

Values near
and dear to
our heart.

Over deliver daily.

We hold ourselves to a very high standard. Good enough is never enough, and no job is done until we give it our stamp of approval. It’s a passion that drives us to exceed every expectation and continually raise the bar of accountability.

Communicate fearlessly.

Our world doesn’t exist without seamless communications. The art of expressing ourselves in a way that is easily understood and endlessly resonates is mandatory. The trick is deeply understanding the recipient and having the wit, the tact, and most of all, the courage to express ourselves in just the right way.

Listen to learn.

Even after decades honing customer insights and developing an ear for what’s not being said, we know there are always new ways for us to become better listeners. Those who think otherwise limit their ability to adapt and cut themselves off from opportunities to grow.

Win as a team.

Nothing worth doing is easy, and virtually nothing worthwhile can be done alone. Moving the needle takes all of us, working in sync, sharing freely, and directing our talents towards a common goal. Success is the sum of a collective effort.

Enjoy the ride.

Work without fun is painful. It’s also rarely where the best results come from. At Hanlon we believe that when you love what you do motivation is never an issue and every day is a chance to thrive. We live in a world of positivity, creativity, and encouragement.

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