The top of the funnel is about widespread attention getting. The middle of the funnel is where you have to focus on really engaging the mind of the buyer and proving your value proposition. Too often, especially, with B2B marketers, point of purchase is neglected. However, branded environments like office space, can be just as important as retail stores. At this stage, you have to instill confidence in the buyer. Proposals and presentations are the equivalent of end caps and shelf talkers in a retail environment. Business timelines in conference rooms, product display boards, and poster campaigns can be essential elements of reinforcing the brand promise that brought prospective buyers to you. These things should always be considered when creating branded environments and fully branded customer experiences.

Building trust is a long term investment with a payoff that compounds. The more faith your audience has in you, the lower your acquisition and retention costs become. Those who were skeptical, at the top of the funnel, over time, can become welcoming, and even evangelical brand ambassadors,encouraging others to examine your bonafides and take advantage of your offerings.

There is no marginal utility for concepts like ‘trust.’ Each time you validate your brand promise you add as much value as the very first time you proved your worth – if not more. Those minute experiences and events build up into a mountain of credibility.

There are many ways to build confidence in your brand at every level of the funnel. Do you need help outlining things you can do and the proper approach to take? Try of our full funnel marketing tool.