Five Reasons Why Adding Outside Marketing Expertise Produces Better and More Affordable Results than Going it Alone


Companies choose to outsource their marketing for a variety of reasons. Costs are a common consideration. A fully staffed marketing department that is equipped to execute across multiple channels is expensive to acquire and comes with substantial overheads.

Another frequent issue is time. Perhaps the latest iteration of your marketing plan is slightly more ambitious than your internal department can handle. Outsourcing can add the manpower you need to ensure your carefully plotted strategies have every chance to move the ROI needle when it’s time to implement them.

“Particularly as digitally-connected optimization is altering fundamental realities of commerce and marketing, every company, of every size, is waking to the need to add modern proficiencies, and fast.”

Possibly, you’re attempting to move in a new direction, like switching your focus from traditional outreach to digital platforms. Bringing in outside experts instantly affords you the hard won insights necessary to speed that transition and avoid rookie mistakes.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, every company today has access to elite marketing resources when they need it, thanks to the Hanlon Augmented Marketing Team. Our experienced strategists, designers, and technologists can be rapidly deployed for everything from short term activations to comprehensive overhauls of your entire brand portfolio.

1. Lower Overheads

It’s rare for a company to outsource all of its marketing activities. Brands are among the most valuable assets a company holds; one they smartly devote considerable resources to protecting. But a fully-staffed marketing team is a major investment with extensive overheads. Good people are hard to find, and when you do find them, they don’t often come cheap.

Between recruitment, salaries, benefits, onboarding, ongoing training, and retention initiatives, keeping a team of full-time brand managers, designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, web developers, data scientists, and marketing automation professionals, overheads can grow unsustainably.

The Hanlon Augmented Marketing Team is built to seamlessly adapt to your existing organizational structure, work hand-in-hand with your internal teams, and contribute unmatched marketing support—and you never have to worry about sick days, vacation time, retirement benefits, healthcare, or any other recurring operational costs.

2. Accelerated Digital Transformation

Digital marketing is often sold as self-optimizing. Google, Facebook, and other sellers of online marketing and advertising products do indeed have advanced data collection and algorithms in place to guide the process of improving results; but make no mistake, digital management still requires full-time human oversight. These systems can point in a fruitful direction, but they require someone to make the final call.

Plus, all the rich data in the world is useless without a seasoned analytics pro to convert it into actionable insights. Excel can’t extract useful information by itself from spreadsheets. That still requires the skills to distinguish the signal from the noise and connect the dots. Furthermore, it’s not in the interest of search engines or social media networks to point out when you’re wasting money. They are perfectly content collecting your fees, whether or not you are getting a good return on your marketing investment.

Lastly, even the most well-managed digital campaign will resist optimization if the underlying content is subpar. Automated systems still haven’t figured out how to write persuasive copy that aligns with your broader marketing strategy, hits all your specific keywords, attracts attention, and promotes conversion. For that, you need true human ingenuity, like the passionate and creative minds of the Hanlon Augmented Marketing Team.

3. Analytic Accountability

Data controls the destiny of most every business today—and there are pitfalls all along the road to collecting, managing, analyzing, and, most importantly, utilizing it. Without a systematic approach, rich sources of data go untapped, collected insights end up in silos and unavailable to the teams that could most benefit from them, or a never-ending stream of input becomes unmanageably chaotic.

Done correctly, however, methodical data practices provide both the qualitative and quantitative evidence necessary for iterative improvements like building stronger customer relationships, crafting more targeted communications, and achieving higher operational efficiencies. Furthermore, they expose unseen business issues so that you can address them before they start negatively affecting the bottom line.

Best of all, good data practices enable full transparency. When you partner with the Hanlon Augmented Marketing Team, you’ll always have direct access to the key performance indicator data that matters to your business and see in real time how we’re helping you achieve your goals. We stand by our results and have the metrics to prove them.

4. Critical Objectivity

Love, it is often said, is blind. When you’re infatuated with anything, you focus on its most wonderful characteristics and tune out the flaws. The same can happen to brands. Companies build a brand, nurture it, help it evolve and grow into something special, and too often, they stop looking at it with a critical eye.

That is a dangerous place for any brand to be in, particularly in this dynamic and uncertain marketplace where even the biggest and most recognizable names can disappear without a trace as a new generation of consumers decides it just doesn’t connect with them or their needs.

Getting fresh eyes on your brand is the quickest way to disrupt entrenched groupthink, sidestep intracompany politics, and audit preconceived notions. Perhaps you brand is highly optimized and your strategic vision is pointing at the right target, but every company should take things off autopilot now and then and check their heading.

5. Speed and Flexibility

Owing to the breakneck pace that new technologies emerge, the rate of change in the marketplace is accelerating. Opportunities arise quickly and the first mover advantage is invaluable not just for winning market share and improving revenue streams, but for taking ownership of the thought leadership status that differentiates the most successful brands today from the also-rans.

Your business is no doubt fast. We’re faster. The Hanlon Augmented Marketing Team is designed from the ground up to be nimble and scalable. We get up to speed on your brand mission quickly, add manpower as needed, and harness cutting edge tools and best practices to immediately accelerate execution times for your marketing initiatives.

Organizations of all sizes can suffer from bureaucratic slowdown. When even minor decisions require several meetings, a dozen emails, and the sign off of numerous stakeholders, progress comes slow. Adding our agility to your marketing efforts is the fastest way to counteract administrative obstacles and the creeping onset of stagnation.

A Faster, Smarter, Better You…Without Breaking the Bank

It’s with good reason that companies choose to outsource many of their critical operations. Allstate insurance, for example, doubled the leads each of its agents received by outsourcing lead management. American Express added the ability to process and analyze millions of daily transactions by retaining third-party data miners.

Even companies of that size, with market capitalizations in the tens of billions of dollars, don’t always have the human or financial resources necessary to support their mission in the most effective fashion. For small- and medium-sized companies, that shortfall can be even more acute.

Particularly as digitally-connected optimization is altering fundamental realities of commerce and marketing, every company, of every size, is waking to the need to add modern proficiencies, and fast. Doing things by hand or instinct will never be able to compete with the efficiency of computer models that allocate resources down to the second and cent.

Whether you’re looking to bolster your existing marketing efforts; get instant, on demand access to expert designers, developers, content creators, analysts, and strategists; or take a much needed leap into the technologies reshaping the business world, like advanced CRM platforms, cloud-based marketing automation, augmented and virtual reality, and data analytics; the Hanlon Augmented Marketing Team is the fastest and most cost effective route to modernizing your business, amplifying its reach, and accelerating its growth.

Talk to us today about the comprehensive marketing services we offer and our proprietary brand strategy framework, the Blueprint for Successful Branding.