Homes for the Holidays

At Hanlon Creative, our passions and talents are focused on the latest innovations in marketing. We get to play with the newest tools, the smartest processes, and spend most of our time seeking the cutting-edge.

Usually, we’re using that edge to cut through the crowd by inventing and building concepts and creations that disrupt the status quo. But, holidays are nothing if not a time for harkening back to happy traditions from years past.

So, this holiday season we combined a little of our newfangled know-how with a decidedly older technology to fight back the winter chill and bring a little of our brand of warmth, light, and liveliness into the world.

For our Home for the Holidays campaign, our designers and technologists directed their creative energies into an entertaining and interactive digital project where visitors can construct a charming gingerbread house that assembles itself with painstakingly recorded stop motion animation.

The result is a delightful merger of old and new, and best of all, the experience served a greater good. Hanlon Creative donated $5 to the American Red Cross for every gingerbread house built, for a total of $5,000. It was a quirky and captivating way to engage with our friends, family, partners, and colleagues, and give back to people who really need it.

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones that get a kick out of having fun by raising money for a good cause because we hit our goal in just over 24 hours! We’re so gratified by the results and thankful to everyone that participated.

Even though we’ve reached our goal, you can still build a gingerbread house of your own, so if you haven’t already, please check out the Homes for the Holidays page.

Happy holidays from Hanlon Creative!