Multiplying Your Marketing Efforts

Your business needs top-notch marketing to create results that keep you moving forward. That means generating leads and sales in the short term and pushing for increased brand equity and year-over-year profitability in the long run.

To achieve those benchmarks you need a skilled team of experts to help make your marketing goals a reality. Sometimes your in-house marketing team has the time, resources, and experience to accomplish that task, but not always.

Here are 7 ways a strong agency partnership can help you become stronger, faster, and accomplish more with less effort and aggravation:

  1. Augment Your Marketing Team and Save Money While Doing More
    Your budget might not have room for a fleet of graphic designers, copywriters, strategic planners, web developers, social media optimizers, and branding experts, but you can’t afford to go without them forever. Independent agencies give you access to every skillset you need all at once–at a fraction of the cost and without a long-term commitment.Top-flight marketing executives don’t come cheap and new hires require significant onboarding to acquaint them with your culture and practices. If you are spending half your marketing budget just on the human resource side of the equation, you absolutely need to consider the cost-efficient boost that partnering with a specialized marketing agency can net you.It means less overhead, equipment, training, fewer employee taxes and benefits, and access to an entire team of specialists in every area you need to tackle from planning to execution to follow up, online and off.
  2. Focus on Your Core Competency with an Eye on the Future
    Your core competency is in serving your customer. When you are an agency’s customer, you benefit from their core competency of serving you and accomplishing the objectives that make you better at what you’re already doing.Sometimes your internal team can become so inundated with the day-to-day tasks that they never get the chance to work toward bigger and better things. An outside agency with a tradition of thought leadership will impart on you the drive to not just meet existing expectations, but to always be thinking further down the road. They’ll develop roadmaps and strategies that lead to attainable goals and deliverables that you can easily monitor and manage.
  3. Attack Your Marketing Problems with the Latest Technologies and Strategies
    You can’t be up to date on everything. Modern marketing agencies are driven by the passion for pushing boundaries. This makes it essential to stay on top of technological changes. Marketing automation, search engine optimization, and big data metric analysis are reshaping the marketing business at breakneck speed. Failure to be aware and adapt will lead to an inevitable decline in revenue and market share.Dedicated agencies are incentivized to stay ahead of the curve. Partnering with them is the most efficient and economical way to stay informed of the latest trends and strategies for customer engagement.
  4. Shatter the Status Quo with Sharp New Insights
    While it’s true that no one knows your business, brand, and customers like you and your team, it’s also the case that organizational blindness, groupthink, and entrenched corporate culture can oftentimes hinder the development of fresh ideas and tactics.Change comes slowly to established brands. Many employees are reluctant to challenge a direction upper management is currently supporting, even if they see room for improvement. The perspective of an independent agency adds a dose of objectivity to your formula.
  5. Make Your Marketing More Accountable and Watch the ROI Rise
    Your marketing campaigns are only as good as their key performance metrics and the return on investment they net you. Growth-oriented agencies are increasingly tuned to the modern science of measuring marketing results.Whether your goal is generating higher quality leads, building a smarter sales funnel that ups your conversion rate, growing your client base, or better satisfying existing customers, dedicated agencies face these issues daily and hence address them with unmatched focus.
  6. Utilize the Tools and Resources That Fit Your Needs
    You probably have more work on your desk than you can handle. Organizations spending under a million dollars each year on marketing usually don’t have all the marketing tools they need at their disposal. Mid-sized companies and brands may have significant marketing personnel on board, but require added manpower or expertise to kickstart a project–or breathe new life into one that is struggling to get off the ground. Small companies need access to the tools and talent level that larger companies take for granted.Even large companies that routinely devote significant resources to marketing can benefit from outside help. They can find themselves spending more time putting out fires or navigating organizational bureaucracy than producing measurable results. By leveraging a marketing agency partner, they gain the flexibility and speed of leaner organizations.Ultimately, any size business can benefit from an agency-augmented marketing team.
  7. Leverage a Wide Range of Experience
    Like every marketer, you’ve got a lot of riddles to solve.Whether dealing with business-to-business, business-to-government, or customer-centric operations, smart agencies learn to quickly unpack the core elements of a marketing challenge, analyze options to overcome them, and formulate a strategy and plan of execution.The best agencies have experience in an array of industry sectors, have seen a broad variety of challenges, and have the ability to leverage that wide breadth of experience to rapidly penetrate right to the important issues and possible solutions when faced with a novel problem.


The Whole Package

Hanlon Creative has the experience, the personnel, and the enthusiasm to help you achieve your multi-channel marketing goals.

From traditional platforms like broadcast TV, radio, print, in-store advertising, and trade events to the bleeding edge of digital marketing, website and app development, content marketing, and e-commerce optimization, everything we do is guided by our seasoned branding acumen. This means you’re not just throwing darts at the wall, but moving in a unified, consistent, and goal-oriented manner.

Contact us today and learn how we can provide the creative horsepower to deliver a breakthrough campaign, help you navigate the ever-changing digital marketing space, supercharge your sales funnel, execute across multiple marketing channels–and do it all with a dynamic and fluid team that scales to the scope of your needs.

Whether you need help at the earliest stages of strategic planning or in the crucial execution phase, we can multiply your efforts, provide bold new insights, and help you uncover the actionable intelligence that will put structure to your marketing strategies and substance to your supporting creative executions.