The Evolution of the Hanlon Brand

No healthy business should ever be satisfied with the status quo. The world of marketing and advertising is constantly in flux, and those who embrace change as a regular part of their daily routine are able to focus on what’s next and how to get there, rather than pointlessly living in the past.

Over the past 19 years we have embraced the vast changes occurring within and beyond our industry. The shift from traditional media outlets to an array of digital and social platforms, the evolution of experiential branding, the movement to data-centric analytics and measurement tools, all play a larger role in shaping marketing strategies and executions than ever before.

As our industry evolved, so had we. We had outgrown our reputation as a “creative shop” as we were delivering much broader, more strategic, results-oriented solutions. We expanded our digital capabilities by assembling an in-house team of digital designers, developers and social experts. We had pioneered the usage of virtual reality as a viable and powerful tool for patient care in healthcare. We reinvented the retail experience and created an entirely new media channel for product manufacturers through our Augmented Retail app. We mastered purpose driven environments by delivering powerful turnkey signage programs to the retail, corporate and education sectors. We had outgrown Hanlon Creative and were in desperate need of a more encompassing platform and realignment of our business offerings.

In 2019, we’re reintroducing ourselves as Hanlon. With a fresh look and focused approach, our vision to become the premier digital consultant and key strategic partner for growth-focused brands in the Philadelphia area has never been clearer. Our expertise in building and managing websites, developing omnichannel branding blueprints, crafting industry changing digital experiences across a range of devices and platforms, and initiating groundbreaking integrated campaigns, has proven to be an effective combination for those looking to move the needle.

We are also very excited to introduce a new endeavor, Branded Spaces, a premier environmental and experience design firm. We consult, design, manufacture, coordinate, and install signage and brand experiences throughout the United States. Specializing in the retail, corporate, and higher education spaces, our team leverages years of industry experience in signage, design, and production to create strategic solutions that truly capture an organization’s values and purpose.

Eventually, when a company moves far beyond its original vision, the need to adjust its branding to better reflect that change becomes overwhelming. Doing so keeps the brand fresh in the minds of its audience and relevant aesthetically and conceptually within a new cultural framework. It also re-establishes differentiation from competitors, attracts new customers, arouses current employees to reconnect with the mission, and helps to draw in talented and aspirational new team members, eager to be a part of a firm that seeks the cutting edge. Hanlon and Branded Spaces are the result of a tenacious desire to continually evolve, disrupt marketplaces, and create solutions as effective as they are creative. We couldn’t be more excited to witness the continued growth and influence these two brands will have on their respective industries.