To Succeed, You Have to Take a Full Funnel Marketing Approach

A full funnel marketing approach doesn’t stop where marketers traditionally do, at merely producing leads. Even a system that yields extremely high quality leads with a great likelihood of conversion is deficient if it doesn’t consider the ultimate goal of generating revenue and increasing repeat business and referrals.

A full funnel approach aims to capture leads at the top of the funnel, nurture them through the middle of the funnel, and continue to build an ongoing relationship at the bottom of the funnel.

As both a metaphor and a practical methodology, the full funnel marketing approach carries growing relevancy. An adaptive and holistic approach is the smart way to react to rapidly shifting consumer behavior where the buyer is substantially through their decision making process before they ever reach out to you directly. To ensure that you capture and maintain their attenti

If your current marketing approach is not examining the whole customer and the whole experience, it’s not full funnel.

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