A brand
in transition.

Known since 1906 for its signature polish in a tin, KIWI is the world’s leading shoe polish brand, boasting 53 percent of the global market. Today, the company’s full array of innovative offerings include protective sprays, shine sponges, gel cushions, and much more.

Brand Strategy

Fueling the future by letting go of the past.

Kiwi was facing declining sales because the tin of polish, which had been the brand’s standard bearer for decades, was a low-frequency purchase. As shining shoes became a novelty, newer, more innovative products such as Boot Protector, Express Shine, Gel Insoles, and Suede Protector represented higher-frequency use and greater growth opportunities. Our goal was to pivot KIWI from a brand built around tradition, to one built around innovation.

Brand Strategy, Data Analytics

Measurable results.

To increase brand awareness and consideration for these new product lines we created a content strategy and advertising campaigns solely around them. For the first time in over 100 years Kiwi did not spend any of their marketing budget on shoe polish. This monumental step helped drive sales for years to come, including a 21% increase in category revenue in year one.

Website Design + Development

Microsite designed to target a specific buyer persona.

Instead of simply adding Kiwi’s new product lines to the dated and busy existing corporate website, we built a microsite dedicated to the outdoor enthusiasts. This allowed us to speak directly to our audience in a language they could easily understand. The site highlighted the most rugged and reliable boot and fabric protectors designed for individuals who worked and lived in harsh conditions.

Digital Marketing + Advertising

Visual storytelling at its finest.

The success of our efforts was directly tied to the memorable advertising campaign that visually demonstrated the benefit of each product. These creative masterpieces needed no words to communicate our message and were recognized internationally by Lürzer’s Int’l Archive and Communication Arts magazines as some of the best ads of the year.