A results-driven
branding agency.

Moving the marketing needle is all about analytics.

Converting leads is mandatory in our world, so we developed a proven process for gathering deeper insights and optimizing marketing strategies. This allows our clients to achieve higher ROI by better understanding what’s driving brand recognition, sales conversions, or both.


You’re going to need a deeper marketing bench.

Whether you have an internal marketing team of one or one hundred, chances are you need help filling gaps and increasing the effectiveness of your spend. Our augmented model allows you to tap into our diverse team of talented marketing professionals at a fraction of the cost associated with hiring this caliber of talent on your own.

Fractional Marketing Team
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Creative Directors
  • Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Web Developers
  • SEO/SEM Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Media Planners

Effective branding is the result of
clear differentiation, concise positioning,
and compelling storytelling.

We start by taking a peek under the hood to see how well your current brand is performing.
We identify any weak links and establish metrics to help you achieve your goals and KPIs through a smarter, better-performing marketing and action plan. The whole process is conducted through a series of workshops designed to differentiate, position, and shape a more strategic approach to your future marketing.


Branding + Positioning

Shaping your offering and identity to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market.


Strategy + Content Creation

Developing a tailored marketing plan that achieves your long-term goals.


Web Design + Optimization

Improving the look, usability and performance of your website.


Digital + Traditional Campaigns

Delivering promotional content to your audience through various channels.

Put our strategic
marketing solutions
to work for you.

Look, we’re not the guys you turn to for marketing gimmicks or silver bullets. That’s not a sustainable strategy or the path to long term success. We’re a talented team of marketing professionals with a proven process for helping brands realize their full potential.

Smart Strategy + Creative Delivery

Hanlon’s dynamic philosophy stems from the dichotomy of its founding brothers. Andrew’s analytical and methodical approach combines with Christopher’s creative intuition to form a productive architecture for building and nurturing influential brands. Fusing business acumen and creative storytelling has proven to be a winning formula for over two decades.


How can we help grow your brand?