and capable.

Pond Lehocky Giordano is a leader in the Philadelphia legal community. Founded just over a decade ago, it has already grown to become the largest workers’ compensation and Social Security disability law firm in the state of Pennsylvania. Recovering billions of dollars for their clients and building a team with over 250 years of courtroom experience, Pond Lehocky was ready to build a stronger, more strategic brand that better reflected their values and thirst for growth.


Tell us your story.

Through a research study, we learned that people are hesitant to reach out to an attorney. Many potential clients worried that they might not have a case and didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. A core component of our Tell Us Your Story strategy was to remove barriers for the target audience and ensure Pond Lehocky was completely approachable.

Their clients are often facing medical hardship and legal adversaries intent on limiting their compensation. Pond Lehocky alleviates their clients’ anxiety by simply listening, taking a personal interest in their plight, and immediately providing a clear legal plan of action moving forward. All free of charge.

Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing + Advertising

Champions for the injured and disabled.

The strategic goal of our content approach was to grow Pond Lehocky’s brand awareness at the local and national level and strengthen their brand position relative to competing firms in the Philadelphia market. We did that by updating their content strategy and developing educational content, including a well-received series of “Did You Know” emails and landing pages, that better informed their target audience about trending litigation and injury types.


Building brand advocacy.

Our content feed for Pond Lehocky was tailored to their target market’s perception of the injury law industry, specific needs when working with a lawyer, and preferred modes of communication thanks to an audience survey that uncovered key insights. We also reorganized their marketing automation to personalize their communication, while growing their audience base. Our optimized campaigns increased email marketing reach to over 700k people while increasing engagement, reducing bounce rates and limiting unsubscribes.

Web Design + Development, Data Analytics

Building a smarter digital footprint.

Hanlon set KPI targets around increasing Pond Lehocky’s search visibility and ranking. We implemented an SEO keyword optimization strategy that meaningfully improved organic search traffic. Hanlon also leveraged all site content to educate, inform, and attract potential clients interested in learning about Pond Lehocky.
That initial phase of optimization was followed by a complete redesign of Pond Lehocky’s websites. We updated their existing digital presence with a more modern, responsive, and visually evocative look and feel that was as rich in content as it was easy to navigate. As a result, organic search increased 40% in 2022 over the previous year.

Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing + Advertising

Brand consistency is key.

Launching the repositioned and refreshed Pond Lehocky brand was a two pronged attack. It required a delicate touch to maintain a unified look and feel across a large number of mediums and executions. The Tell Us Your Story campaign was introduced through heavy outdoor presence, a series of television commercials, as well as digital and social campaigns.

The greatest fans on earth.

The second prong was the activation of sponsorships with both the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers which included in-stadium signage, digital ads and social opportunities. Philadelphia is well known for its devoted sports fans, which is why we chose a strategy that would instantly align with supporters of the city’s beloved pro teams.